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I created this little tutorial to some steps I did in creating my Spooky Sounds, Story Fun Time!, and Telling a story assignments. I didn’t show how I specifically made each of them, but goes into what each of the tools do. This tutorial show help re-create a close copy of each of the stories I did since I included the sounds in each of the posts. The main thing a person might struggle with is the exact timing of each of the sounds and my voice telling the story.

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This is awesome. I like the idea of creating one main tutorial for Audacity. Rather than laying out the entire process separately in each post, I’ve also decided to make one main tutorial and link it in all of my work. This is a lot faster, especially considering that I used Audacity for all of the audio assignments this week.

I apologize for not noticing your comment earlier! I thought it was rather easier to do one main tutorial as well, since the process was the similar throughout. Unfortunately I forgot to link them on the assignments themselves.

I’m thinking of doing a similar tutorial for my audio assignments but instead of audacity I used Final Cut Pro. While it’s mostly meant for films, you can absolutely use them for overlapping audio files and creating different combinations. You could probably even use it to edit music (in theory) !.

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