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Visual Storytelling

Espy 1
One day an espeon was taking a walk down their every day path. (5 frame story, 3 and a half stars)
Espy 2
Today was like none other. There didn’t seem to be any change in their walk. Nothing new at all.
Espy 3
By the end of their walk, they were feeling pretty tired.
Espy 4
But before the little espeon could go take a nap, they saw someone and decided to go over to them.
Espy 5
That person is you! The little espeon wants to give you a hug of good luck. As it seems a friend’s face seems to be missing.
Now, looking for something to fix what had afflicted someone’s face is rather difficult. One must gather all the help they could get. No one must be stuck without a face! One must find a key into another world… (Be Your Own Best Friend! 3 stars)
It is said that this key can lean to another universe with a lack of color. There, anyone who as lost their face, will be able to recover their face. (metal key, 4 stars)
The legendary toads in the claw machine are supposedly what you see in this other world. Who knows if this actually true as no one has lived to tell the tale yet. Perhaps you may be the first? (Draw it assignment, 2 stars)

For those who are curious on how I made the last photo. I used krita. The three things I used was. Filter, adjust, desaturate. Filter, artistic, pixilate. Filter, enhance, unshapen mask. I don’t remember the specific numbers I used, but here are a few screenshots that should be able to help.

File:Krita Application Logo.svg
Krita logo that’s under creative commons and where to find it
This is how you open an image
Most of what I did is under this ‘Filter’ option. As you can see, I went to desaturate first.
Now, when going through these, you can either select create filter mask or ok. If you want to work non-destructively, choose the create the mask option. If you don’t care what happens, choose okay.
And last thing I did before I saved.

If you are curious on what four visual assignments that I have done, I did the metal key, the be your own best friend, the five frame story, and finally, the draw it.

A few things to address, first and foremost. I fully realize that the draw it isn’t fully… I guess the way to best describe it is, not fully like a drawing like some of the others. I tried multiple different options and these were the few that I felt best fit. I rather like the style myself. I fiddled around with gradient for the metal key and never could get the right colors that I liked, nor quite the right placement for the gradient. Eventually, I decide before I screwed it up further, I stuck with what I had and that was it. The next was be your best friend. This one was an interesting one as I had to use my friend’s phone to take the picture as I could not do it on my own phone as it was the wrong brand (nor do I have enough phone expertise even if I did). The reason that the I blurred out my face was because I do not want my face to be out there, more than it already is. As I have already learned, anything you post on the internet can be used against you. I was even against having the photo done in my house, but at the end of the day, one has to make due with what they have. Finally, the five frame story, the reason behind this one was a silly one. I just wanted a stuffed animal to go across the frames and end with it right near the person it as if gave a hug.

Each of these little projects weren’t horrible in trying to figure out what to do as I had a base line experience before hand. The overarching story between all of them was completely accidental because I was not thinking of a story before hand when I picked each of the categories. When I saw each of the pictures I ended up with I then created the story in the captions. I don’t know why I connected them the way I did but it makes for a more entertaining story in my eyes.

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