Assignments Audio Digital Storytelling Summaries

Summary of Week 3

(For ease of seeing them as there are several of them):
-Audio Assignments:
~Music Parody
~Spooky Sounds
~Story Fun Time!
~Telling a story

~Post of my tutorial I did on audacity to teach someone how to use it (in hopes they could recreate my assignments)

Creating each of these assignments were fun. I feel like I did a pretty good job doing these assignments. My favorite one was doing the music parody because I listen to a lot of different music and I thought it would be an interesting challenge to try. I followed the same rhyming scheme, syllable count, and how many words were in each line. I did struggle with learning audacity at first as the interface was confusing to me. I watched a random YouTube video whenever I had a question. I think the main thing I would do differently would different characters for the stories I think. I suppose some of the larger issues surrounding the two stories is that people could assume that they are real? Perhaps some of the implications is that could arise from these is that depression and suicide could be gleamed from the Nebula and Westra story. That could be bad I guess? I don’t know exactly what impacts could of their stories I just… did something that felt right.

~Radio hour & ScottLo.
~Glass & Abumrad
~Audio Stories

I feel like I did fairly well. I listened to more podcasts than I should’ve but I said a lot of the same things over all of them since there’s not much audio work that can be different across all of the audio files. I struggled with what to write but I really enjoyed the short twenty minute short stories. I didn’t really learn much from these audio stories besides some of the wacky things that can happen in the world and some stories people can come up with. Nothing I personally can do differently in my eyes since I did the best I could do. With my comments on listening, I don’t see many issues relating to what I said impacting society as a whole.

The daily creates

I was very surprised that some people all over the world happened to enjoyed some of the things that I had done for the daily creates. Especially the poem. I thought that poem was rather dumb. My favorite daily create so far, in this week was doing the alien one.

The comments

As of right now, I don’t have any questions. relating to anything. Overall, this week was a bit of an unusual one for me as I had to experiment telling a story as though I was telling it to someone who was listening, but not really there. It was a good thing to learn if I plan to continue on posting to my youtube channel.

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