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Spooky Sounds (Week 3)

I will state this now, I don’t want to have to post these assignments into different posts. It’s so disorganized and I hate it. But here it is!

This is the assignment. It’s 4 stars.

The sound files can be found here or in the description of the soundcloud:
~One of the two main ambiences
~Second of the ambiences
~Gate sound
~Music box
~Demonic scream

When creating this I wanted to make something that is going through the woods. After a certain point, I wanted the old gate in to signals for this mysterious music box to play. Just like in a movie where one thing triggers the next thing without the person walking knowing. I had the music box played repeated (two separate clips of audio) so that it would go through it twice. Then right after the second time, I had the demonic entity scream. The reason for that was because if this was a video game or a movie, the creature would be released. That was all of my thought that went into it. I kept the ending after the scream because it felt awkward otherwise.

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I also did the spooky sound assignment. You did a good job combining and blending all the different sounds together. The go to sleep chime was the best, very creepy lol. To be honest making noises with objects could count as a spooky sound. I will try to maybe do that next time, great job with this assignment!

Thank you! I knew I wanted to make something with a music box as melodies from them can be rather creepy depending on the context. Even children’s lullabies can be rather spooky too, given the right context.

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