Digital Storytelling Summaries

Second Summary

My thoughts on canon. There’s isn’t much to it as I didn’t feel much of a connection to it. I wrote my response to it which seemed to be what the requirement of the assignment was. If I felt how well I responded, I would say I could’ve have defiantly done better but I find it so hard to write down my thoughts without talking to others who also read it. Some implications that surround this could be someone that could inspire to write more than me.

My digital assignments are all here in this one post, just like last time so it would be easier to navigate than going to multiple different posts. I am slightly frustrated about last week’s daily assignments being marked down, even though I had every single one. I know it was originally designed for multiple but, is there a real big difference putting them all into one post? Makes the blog more compact and less scattered to me. Two of them, I defiantly feel is a bit weird and I’m not entirely sure if I followed them exactly as I was suppose to. (The icon of one business disguised as another is one of them for sure. I did a hybrid of two rather than one solely as another, which I think is wrong?) My favorite one of the them was the ‘back to the basic ones’ as I got to build more in my Minecraft world. For the past… I think few years, well, roughly two years recently. There was a long gap between then and when I first started playing because my computer broke so at most, I played a few at most. I think the main thing I would do differently would be the logo assignment as it’s still a bit hard to tell if I did correctly.

The gif it assignment was a weird assignment. I had to have my friend for a bit of assistance for a sassy animal as I didn’t own any animals myself. Gifs are interesting but, to be frank, it’s not something that I’m not really interested in. I think I did okay job creating these gifs. I figured that there are some sites that help making gifs, though I previously made gifs in digital approaches to fine art which I took a few weeks ago.

So far, as I am writing this I have made a few comments. I continued talking with brandy, I had several reactions to Madeline posts. This one was the leon day’s post. This next one was the reaction to Madeline duplicate images post. The last of my reactions Madeline’s posts to best of both worlds which relates to sweets. I did not intend to post a comment on several Madeline’s posts for her assignments, but I really enjoyed her work. There’s one or two comment’s that haven’t been accepted yet, but I can imagine they will be accepted soon. If I remember, I will update this with those comments and if I make more comments, I’ll try to remember to link them here. If not, then they might be on other people’s summaries. Later Kyle commented on my youtube video about it being speed up.

The design blitz was super fun to do. It was hard to try and describe the terms though since I have heard of all of these terms since I was in elementary school. When you’ve known something for so long, it’s hard to put into words what they are. It was still a nice refresher though.

I did some of the dailies which actually got some attention from some other people. I was really glad that I got some feedback on them already. They were pretty amusing too.

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