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Radio Hour & ScottLo. Thoughts

The radio lab was extremely interesting. I frankly hated the fact that it was just a cut version of it… but I suppose it works when trying to show off specific sounds. There is a good balance of subtle sounds such as turning paper underlaying what people are saying. The part when the metal music played hurt my ears. It was way to loud. With the demo, everything flows in and out quite well. Perfect underlying tones. No sounds over powers another sound. It’s hard to explain exactly since I never really thought about audio before. Most of the time, I just think audio as something that was something that’s just to improve the quality of something. That is why I really enjoyed the music of Scott. Podcasts or radio show was never something I really listened too, but I listen to music all the time because you don’t have to focus on the words so much, just feel the flow of it. Again, this probably sounds poorly worded or ridiculous. It’s just hard to put into words why I prefer the mixing of music of mixing of radio and stuff. I guess it is because it is easier to match music to singing rather than to people talking and I’m just that much picker about it?

Do you guys agree or disagree with anything I said? Why is that?

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