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Welcome to my blog! This may be my first post, but I hope to make more posts in the future. If you want to learn more about me, I also have a YouTube channel, a twitter, Flickr, and SoundCloud. If I don’t post an update here, then check one of those.

As I’m still relatively new to most of these, expect some inexperience to be shown in them. With YouTube, expect a lot of gaming or storytelling videos. On twitter expect some of my art or an occasional update for. For flickr (which is not my preference of choice) but would be for my art. SoundCloud is something that I had for a few years, but never really used before. I guess there’s always a start for something.

Oh! What to call me by. You may call me by Luna Mare as that is my usual penname. It is something I developed for my writing.

Anyways, I’ll put the links to the homepage below and if you have any questions. Let me know I guess? I’ve never been the greatest at introductions. Heck, there isn’t an official ‘first post’ of my sites because the thought of “Well the bio works as the introduction, right? Is that what I’m suppose to do?” and that’s what sorta inspired the simplicity of them.


Didn’t actually realize that this was a thing. Now it’s here.
Slowly learning after all.
As I put into the description of this, ‘this is a forced introduction’. I really, really did not want to put myself out there more than I already have and yet here I am.

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I think we can do business, I currently have ~350 hours in slay the spire, Maplestory, Ark, cod zombies and Titanfall. I’m terrible at league and I haven’t seen wizard 101 in A LONG time. Also what format of MTG do you play?

Sounds fun. I think I have around 700 hours in slay the spire? I usually play standard. But recently, I have picked up commander. If you ever see me around on campus, we should totally play together. I have a small group with a few other people that play magic as well.

I only play commander with my hot fire memes, I guess I need to bring a deck or two down with me when I move in. Who is your favorite character in Slay the Spire?

Rogue by far. I always love to try and do a poison run if I can, if not, then I’ll run a shiv deck. I have to admit, the warrior and the newest one are my least favorite.

Defect is certainly an interesting one. I think the defect might have to be my second favorite because of the unique styling behind it. Any reason why you might like the defect the most?

Uhhhh, All for one is a fun card, I like to see how long I can play my whole deck. Too bad Time eater gives me the sads, who’s your least favorite floor three boss?

I mean… each of them are pretty frustrating at times but the worst one usually is time eater as well. I think I might have the same problem as you, right as I’m getting into the swing of things with my deck, the time eater cuts me off.

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