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First week of learning

I feel like I have done decently well as I’ve slowly started to learn more and more about these. I am still trying to figure out on how to manage the widgets and menus along with figuring out the differences between the pages and a post. The nice thing is that I’m getting more comfortable using these sites, though I really still don’t like putting myself out there and making posts. One of my friends agreed to help me with the radio show but I have no idea if it was suppose to be done by this week or be doing by week four. So far, what I enjoyed most was doing the daily creations that are actually complement my skills. It would’ve been nice to know earlier how to embed things is through the plus sign on new text boxes. I believe I manage to get everything done, but with the overwhelming information that are on each week, I can’t be sure that I’m doing it right or everything is there. For photography, I already knew a lot of the basics about it as I was in a club for it. One of the largest implications that I indicated from the beginning, that anything that one post’s can be used against them. That is one of the reasons why I did the bio’s rather than doing intro posts, after all, what’s the difference?

Visual storytelling, the photo blitz, the daily posts, About me (if you look there now, you will see some new updates to it), Commentary on using new technology & setting up the blog

Below was my summary of what I’ve learned from the past.

Picker & Rule of thirds for how to become better photographers

This image was a joke image for what things don’t belong together. (All consensual and nothing bad happened.) Don’t try this though. Even though I took photography back in high school (one of the few things I was actually pre-prepared for) I already knew the rule of thirds but it is still something fairly important. Being picker was something I had to practice and this one was a good set up for me being picky. There was also an opportunity for someone to be in the background on the couch and someone behind it for the different foregrounds but I think that less is more when it comes to some situations. Too much activity would be too much for the eye to see. But remember, different situations can draw the eye in.

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