Digital Storytelling Final Project


Every good writer and artist has their special signature that makes them who they are. If someone sees the logo or reads the name, people should recognize it as the person who created it. This is the one I have made for myself and it’ll be the one that you should associate with me for this story I created.

A good cover for a story draws a person in. It makes them curious of ‘huh, what is this story about’? Why are these particular elements chosen and what does it mean? It’ll make them curious on the summary of the story. They might even look up a book trailer for it.

In my eyes, not as many are aware of book trailers because if you are going to put into the effort of looking up a trailer for a book, why not pick up the book? But, none the less the story is introduced! Drawing one into a world of a super hero and super villain.

Taking the book in hand, you look to the back to the summary of it:
Were once enemies
Caring about the other
Turned them to best friends

And so, you dive into the universe as curiosity gets the better of you. You find yourself reading a story of action and romance, yet few details used to create the scene, most scenes appear to be left up to the imagination. There missing details here or there, and details that could’ve been expanded on but for the initial read through, it works. Those unsatisfied with the ending, expecting a different ending or not interested in the romance would want to rewrite it. The first thing that one would do would come up or do research about one of the characters, most likely one of the two main character’s.

Coming up and finding out about a character’s story helps the reader relate to the character. It can also help them write a character to replace them or write a character into the world. Being a part of the world, can help inspire them to write stories of their own, like I did.

For those who dislike the current ending of the story would most likely complain or rewrite it. This ending (or at least part of the conclusion) was designed for a story that had a little less romance involved. Those who appreciate the less romance involved story, and want a more realistic relationship between characters, this ending would be more satisfactory.

I apologize for this really crappy story trying to weave these elements together. It’s hard to come up with a coherent story when the main thing I did work on was the full story I used as the basis for this. I hope it as still enjoyable, nonetheless, since I am a writer and artist first and foremost. Trying to connect things that I made, I struggle with.

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