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Design Blitz

First let me say what I originally intended what some of these images to be. Now, several of these images can be classified as others, bear in mind this is just my own interpretation of them. For the flowers, I choose it for the color. The do not enter sign I choose to be selected as typography. The FedEx logo I picked as a metaphor because there is an arrow in between the e and x (which once you see it, can never be unseen). For the message, I picked the open, pizza by the slice sign. Balance was a fun one and I picked the gate as it. Rhythm was a bit tricky but since the subway logo had the two arrows at the end of it, I thought it was a perfect fit. Since the domino’s logo was rather simplistic, I picked it for the minimalism category. While the giant symbol is similar to the domino’s logo, it makes more sense to keep them together for a sense of unity.

Color has always something I used since I was a young kid. It was something that I personally knew would draw more eyes rather than a pencil sketch. I knew some people preferred the nature of the other, but that’s there personal preference. What makes color so effective is that it draws attention to certain places. Warmer colors in a landscape makes it look like it’s in front of the rest while darker colors look like they are in the background. A similar prosses can apply to shading and lighter accents (I don’t know what’s the name of it). Shading makes something look darker or like the edge or something. The opposite of shading shows where the light is coming from.

Typography allows for the mood a message to cross in a certain way. For example, a serious message wouldn’t have a jovial style of text. For something for a kid’s birthday party, you would want to use something a kid would use. It’s not extremely useful, it’s more useful in terms of what not to do.

Metaphors and symbols is something that if they are included are impressive, but not important. For example, FedEx includes an arrow to show movement and Amazon includes an arrow from a to z and it’s also a smile. Giant includes a fruit basket (or what seems like a basket). Metaphors are only effective if people can realize what they are. Before I knew the metaphor for fedex, I just thought it was just a name and had nothing special behind it.

The message on a sign can be pretty fun on bad designs when you learn why they are on bad designs. Messages have to make sense to the user and they have to be placed in an area where people can see it. If it is not in plan sight or not something that an every day person can understand, than it becomes pointless. There are many ‘bad’ designs out there because the creator did not put themselves in the perspective of the user.

Rhythm is fun when it can be used. Movement can show flow between two things. It is situational in artwork. Sometimes you would want movement if you showing wind or something living getting from one place to the next. If doing a landscape picture movement isn’t as important as there isn’t movement to show.

Proportion and dominance are fairly similar in terms of art. Proportion is the respective sizes to items. For example a basketball is bigger than a baseball but if it is farther away in the image, then it might be smaller. Dominance is where one thing stands out compared to the rest. For example, if there are several basketballs, one baseball will stand out as being different. Proportion is fairly more important than dominance in every day to day images because if the portions are wrong (unless intentional) the image will look off and people would not like it as much. Dominance is only important if you want to make something that needs to stand out.

I personally am not a fan of minimalism unless I am drawing a character for something. The character is the only thing one the page and the rest of the page is empty. It is situational depending on what one is trying to do. Minimalism is something that is nice in a house too in my opinion.

Once again, balance and unity is similar. While balance is specific images in comparison to the other, unity is everything coming together as the whole. These are fairly important because if you have two things that are the same distance apart from the view and one is extremely large then it would be strange.

I know these aren’t quite the best definitions to some of these words, but I tried my best to describe them. I tried my best to provide examples as well. I hope you all enjoyed this.

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I think your design blitz looks great! I know you mentioned that you weren’t sure of your choices with these photos but I think you understood the concepts just fine. (At least, you understood it the same way as I did). I agree with your statement that proportion and dominance are fairly similar in terms of art. That’s how I see it too and found myself thinking that during my own assignment. Good job!

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