Assignments Digital Storytelling Final Project

Cover art

I did a hand sketch of this before moving to my laptop to color it in via krita. Now the assignment that I drew my inspiration, stated I should re-design a book cover. I figured, take it into my own hands and make the cover of my short story.

I knew, besides my name and title of the story, I would need something special for this. I decided to have the main characters in the foreground with their special powers. In the back ground, have their sidekick/friend (respective to the relation as well). The reason why I didn’t have a face for the ‘side kick’ for the one on the left is because the times you see her, she’s usually by her screen or grumpy she isn’t there. The friend on the left is designed the way he is, is because he always tried to get the main two characters together, hence the hearts.

I was thinking about adding a night sky background with fireflies but I thought that would’ve made things a little too busy. I am also well aware that most over background also pure white. I’m realistic in knowing that covers get redone as well as stories, so I kept it realistic by doing what I wanted to do.

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