Digital Storytelling Summaries

4 weeks of success!

This blog is the summary for the fourth week of class.

This is all about thoughts on reading movies.
My comments
The looking, listening, and analyzing of a scene.
The daily assignments

Video Assignments:
~I am me
~Tell a story
~Rising Villain

I feel like I did decently well on the assignments. The story cover confused me so I had to look it up. Even then, I had to guess if my thing counted as a complete ‘story’. I wasn’t sure what do the the ‘title’ and ‘ending’ cards so I did an introduction and resolution for them. I didn’t really learn anything new, as I’ve been using these skills the past few weeks. I guess the main thing I would do differently, would maybe do different stories and maybe make personalize calling cards? I’m not really sure about the cards though since it doesn’t really fit with what I have planned with the YouTube channel I’m creating. I guess some implication is that someone could try and claim my work as someone as their own.

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