Digital Storytelling Summaries

What I’ve learned

Let’s see here… What have I learned? I guess the main thing I would do if I were to take the class over is to just man up and just do the proper introductions, even if they could be used against me later in the future. I would also do the assignments in different posts, instead of one post (even though I really hate that fact, it makes the blog so disorganized and messy). Other than that, nothing I would change because I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I just wish I knew before hand.

I guess some of my favorite projects were where I could use my art to my advantage. I love drawing and I wish we could’ve done more of it. Or more projects where we actually told stories like in creative writing or something. This was just creating stories based on what we did which is harder to do than the other way around (at least for me).

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