Digital Storytelling

Using New Technology

When I first learned how to set up my domain was last semester, which I learned the basics of how to do coding and the like for it. With this class, I am actually learning and figuring out how to do a blog. I must admit, I stumbled over quite a bit for the first few steps to make sure I had everything. It wasn’t as hard once I realize it was just doing a quick thing.

Then comes learning how to navigate how to create a YouTube video was a little annoying as I had to figure out how to screen capture and make sure I got my audio. Then once I got it, I struggled what to figure out what to say since I was eventually going also make my channel something more in the future. After a point I just went with whatever came to my mind and just posted it.

Twitter was something I never touched in my life. The start of this class was the first time I even bothered to look into it. One of my first thoughts when I first when I saw that twitter was one of the things that we would be using, I sighed because I didn’t want to use it. In the end, I made an account to figure out how to use it. I still don’t and I’m just guessing how to use it. I will be frank, I don’t understand it.

SoundCloud was an interesting one and I didn’t know what to make as my first post for it. What I did do was write up my bio though. For a while I just looked at sound cloud and stared. I’ve seen people talk for it, I’ve seen people do music so I wasn’t sure what would work. For example, did I need to do music for my first post? In the end, I stuck with the bio update because I felt awkward just talking about myself on a music platform.

Flickr was another weird one was because I have no idea what the point of it is for. I put a couple of images that I own on it and I wrote a little of my bio. I tried exploring and I still don’t fully get. I’m sure I will figure it out as I go along, as of right now, its still confusing.

I did some simplistic changes to the blog as I like more of the simplistic look to websites. I do plan to potentially make a few minor changes here or there. It certainly will change as I learn more of the next few weeks.

At the end of the day, I feel like I did the best I could with what I felt comfortable with along with what I could figure out about each of the sites and what the instructions were. The main thing that gave me trouble was figuring out each of the sites and making sure I understood the instructions. I learned it’s fairly easy to make YouTube videos and I enjoyed that the most. I think the main question I have, would be help figuring out twitter, but that’s only due to my inexperience. I suppose of of the larger issues surrounding my work is that they aren’t completely personal, just vague information of what I like. Some of the implications is that people could figure out who I am based on some of unintended information I give. People could also be inspired by what I do and attempt to do what I do as well.

The following picture is what I have done for the daily work of ‘when pigs fly’

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