Assignments Digital Storytelling Video

New rising of a Villain

This is the assignment, it’s 3 stars.
Some of the steps I used, can be found here.

To get the transition, I clicked animations in movie maker and clicked the one I wanted. I’m pretty sure they have to be split slips. Splitting a clip into two separate ones can be found under edit.

(Using the same as before for this explanation).

To insert an image, click on add video and photo. It’ll be added at the end of the entire current videos you have, but they can be adjusted.

The image I made myself by drawing it and then using krita’s paint brush tool to touch up the colors.

The story behind this particular speech, is that the two characters used in this video have been tormented for a very long time. Luna (the one on the receiving end of this speech) had been tormented by the one person she thought she could be trusted, her father. She went through experimentations, losing her eyesight, and several other horrible things no child should ever go through. Nightmare, just wants to get out and get back into the world, hence why she’s (well they’re since Nightmare doesn’t have a gender/gender fluid – a long story within itself) their skills to Luna to escape. Nightmare is the true chaotic evil inside Luna, while Luna has just given up about the world and just doesn’t care anymore. These two characters relationship was actually the first character relation I have ever created, so there’s a special place for these two characters in my heart. I don’t know if it has a story spine since there isn’t a proper ending of me saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’. I guess maybe? The opening was me introducing what I was going to do. The closing credit was closing on the picture I did.

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