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Moon Graffiti + More Reactions

I will be including the link to all of the audio in case I want to listen to them again. I wasn’t sure how exactly to embed specific examples since I wasn’t sure what ‘specific examples’ meant. I did describe what sounds were used, which could count?

My moon graffiti reaction:
I mean, I was never personally interested in listening to stuff about the moon landing (though I think it’s cool that we managed to do it). Occasionally I would watch a movie about space or read a story about space, but it was my cup of tea that I things that I would go to for my form of entertainment. Each of the sounds reminds me of what would be needed for space, such as the radio speak. The main thing that happened it was the radio speak from helmet to helmet since they were on the moon. I thought it was an interesting story twist on “what if this happened instead of what did happen”.

First group of audio: There I fixed it, Doppelgängers, Getting away, Doesn’t kill you
There I fixed it includes background music that seems unimportant as it just fills in some of the empty space. There is a moment or two where the narrator is talking and their are the other people talking, but it is muffled by the narrator. There isn’t background music when there is a disclaimer or when first talking about the subject. There’s the occasional musical transition. That’s pretty much it in terms of sounds in eyes. It’s funny how trying to fix something can end up making things worse for some people unintentionally.
In Doppelgangers, the co-host of this is supposedly a ‘doppelganger’ of the main host. They occasionally swap between what they are suppose to say. There’s back ground things that’s muted when they are talking, such as clapping then fades back in as they stop. There’s music transitions as well for a ‘beat’ like before. A beat is there just to give the listener a break and seem natural if that make sense. Like a pause, I suppose. There’s a bleeping out of swear words and crunching sounds as people eat. Doppelgangers in real life are something is that it is not frequently seen besides for twins, so actually hearing doppelgangers apply to people’s lives or for food was actually pretty interesting. I didn’t think that people’s lives could be compared like that.
Getting away with it has some subtle plane audio in the beginning. There’s a lot of similar audio as the previous two (in terms of transitions and what not). Some people have some fairly crazy stories that I would never think that they could get away with it and yet they did. It just reminds me that even good people can do crazy things when they are kids and the difference between now and in the past is crazy as well.
Like what I said in Getting away with it, What doesn’t kill you has a lot of similar transitions as the previous ones. There is laughter in the first story because it was a sad humor story.

Last grouping of audio: Disruptor, Third party, Runaways, Nuclear
I thought each of these stories were really good and I was heavily entertained by all of them. I liked how each of the sounds that were chosen to add to the background or change to the voice of someone was purposely chosen. It really made it seemed like that the listener was in the environment. The narrator usually came in right after the story was introduced and right in the middle of the show. They talked a little about themselves and did some ads, which helps keeps the show running. In the introduction, they did a hook that helped keep someone ‘hooked’ on the story by giving a little bit about the story. Each of them had an ad for the game ‘Best Fiends’.
Disruptor was extremely funny because everyone has one of those bad days where everything that seems against you. Having an explanation to why the universe is against you gives people something to blame. The slow break down of someone is relatable to me on a personal level since I know I had that moment of where everything just comes crashing down. Each of the universe workers seemed extremely motivated to try and ruin people’s days. When the main character got frustrated at them, they got worried which was an interesting twist to me. Each sound was perfectly timed with each situation that happened, such as the parade being louder or quieter depending on who was talking. They drove the story be shifting between the disruptors and the woman they were following.
Third Party’s transitions are helped by shifting in the background music and shifting characters that are in the current scene. The background music intensifies the tension that is in the scene. Each sound that is related to voice sounds specifically chosen such as a voice speaking over a radio or a phone, talking from a podium, and getting cut off when the phone doesn’t work. The most important thing to this story, is the background music as I’ve stated before. It gives the audio story, a more of a movie feel to it.
The runaways was an interesting story because it doesn’t confirm the ending to the listeners. Some audio was played by the phone messaging system. It could be the fact that this could be a parallel universe where covid-19 didn’t happen as they couldn’t go to a restaurant and the phone messages were things happening if it didn’t exist. There is the occasional tapping from one of them as if they were in thought. Most of the progressive of the story happened with the conversation between the two love birds. Occasionally there would be a new voice message or phone call to continue. With the deleting the very last message opens the idea the fact that because they listened to the messages, they left each other or vice versa, because they didn’t listen, they left. I like to believe that since they erased the last message, they would be able to stay together.
Nuclear Winter was the spookiest one of all of them. I always loved ghost stories. Every sound was subtle. Occasionally, there was a shift to show a difference of perspective of the two folks in the story and their experience with a ghost. With the ghost that entered inside, his voice changed from a distant one to one that sounds like it was right next to the listener. The story progresses by having the characters interact with the ghost, or by having the two main characters talk with each other. In the end, having the new guy screw up as well as the ghost but then helping him move on, was a sweet ending.

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