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Maverick’s Backstory

Everyone has a story behind them, even if they are bad. Sometimes even the bad guys were good guys once too, before they turned bad. It was just society that made them who they were. Some villains are just that way because they couldn’t be saved. I thought it would be interesting to also have people read into the thoughts I had for him as well.

Name: Maverick Farewell
Nickname: Rex
Super Villain name: Ember Deceiver
Age: Roughly 21 (typical college after high school at least)
Super powers: Fire and invisibility

Reasons behind the names: Maverick means a motherless calf and Rex means king. I wanted to play up the fact that Maverick was an orphan through his personality by pretending everything was alright and putting up a farce. With the nickname Rex, he felt like he was on top of the world, especially since in school he was always the popular kid based on his looks. Farewell was a fitting last name for him as he would often. The ember deceiver was to play up the fact his powers were fire and invisibility. Fire in relation to Ember and Deceiver to his invisibility power and the fact he puts a ‘face’ in his normal life.

Appearance: Black hair, hazel eyes, pale skin, 5’ 10”, often wearing extremely light clothing, even in winter.
Super Villain appearance (that’s different from the normal appearance): Faint orange embers like effect near the base of his skull, skin looking more ashy, his eyes look like a mix of orange and black

Work in progress Backstory: His mother died giving birth to Maverick. His father tried to raise him for a few years and gave him the name Maverick, as that was the name that his mother wanted to name him. His father couldn’t focus on the stresses of his job so he left Maverick at an orphanage as he didn’t have enough money for a babysitter or anything much to support him at the time. (Though later, he would suddenly become the CEO of the Ocean Financial bank system, remarry, and forget about Maverick.) Maverick chose the last name of Farewell as everyone in his life seemed to save ‘farewell and never see you again’ to him. It was when puberty hit when he realized he had the power of invisibility so whenever a family came around to adopt someone, he would always hide and become invisible so he could stay with the people he knew for most of his life. He spent time trying to explore the world when no one thought anyone was listening. Basically, being the super hero, people needed it. He helped with undercover cop operations, gathering intelligence, sneaking into places when it would’ve been impossible otherwise, and anything that he could use his invisibility for. It was when he turned 18 he accidentally caused a fire inside an underground organization building and noticed he wasn’t burning like he would’ve expected. He stayed invisible as he made his way outside and overheard the police saying that they thought he was the one to have caused the fire or was dead inside since he hadn’t appeared or made himself known yet to them. It was from that day onward, he realized he couldn’t trust anyone and became a villain.

Personality: Bitter to the world, feeling alone, angry, doesn’t care much about most people (only a select few), oblivious, introverted, planner
Personality when he puts on a face: Happy, flirty, manipulative, relaxed, extraverted, goes with the flow (but hates it sometimes)

Likes: Spicy food, winter, putting people into their proper place/giving rich people perspective, having someone to support him, figuring out people and information gathering
Dislikes: Big corporations that screw over the little folk, being rejected, not fitting in, people being able to understand him, things not going to plan, summer, being considered evil

Place in the world: He is the ‘big bad guy’ in the novel/short story of Firelight Love.

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