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Lightning Photos

Where to begin… well the reason why I choose to take these particular photos instead of doing something out on my street was because my friend and I thought of doing a get together for a little while now. It was only until this week that we managed to make that plan a reality. When I brought it up the fact I needed to take a few photos for this class, they agreed to help. The place we choose was one of the handful of malls that was around. It certainly very awkward when I was taking a few photos because everyone was waiting for me as the photographer. I will link to the album here for those who would like to see every single image that I have done, but I will admit, not all of them I liked. The set will also be posted below.

Don't belong together

I think that this was my favorite image out of all of them. (As I used it in the ‘How we will become better photographers’ as well). I don’t know why I like this one the most, but I think it’s because of the silliness behind it. I mentioned to my friends that I wanted to try and find a picture of two things that did not belong together. My friend thought that posing like this would be the perfect thing, because who would eat a cookie with a straw?

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