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I am me

This is the assignment, it’s 3 stars

I do this as to express a little about myself. I also wanted to show off a bit of my hypixel skyblock world as well. Minecraft is something I have been something I have been playing for quite some time recently. I figured, might as well post a video about it. It’s story is just random things about me. I don’t think it has a story spine because I was rambling. The title sequence is the introduction of “Hey, Luna here”. I don’t know if that counts. I pressed the ‘windows button’, the ‘alt’ button, and ‘r’ button. That started the recording. I used minecraft as my form of media. Movie maker was where I added the credits.

This is where I can record my things
This is what movie maker looks like. I just added credits to the video.

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I enjoyed the walkthrough of your Minecraft worlds. I remember when I used to play it with my friends a few years back. I could spend hours building a number of things on creative or survival. If you do not already, you should make tutorial videos on how to build certain things. You explained things very well on this assignment. Great Work!

I defiantly do plan on doing on proper, building videos. Hopefully I’ll be able to do them in videos that are 15 minutes or less. I’m glad that you managed to understand the instructions fairly well and brought you some nostalgia.

Thank god you did this, I was so worried on what to do and how to do it but you showing me this is an option, it made me so happy. I’m always very stressed to record myself, even look at my self. I’m glad you did this though, it’s so nice and looks amazing.

Haha. I never wanted to record myself or my voice since the beginning. Minecraft was the closest thing I could use as my medium without using a voicemod.

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