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Glass & Abumrad Thoughts

After watching the four Ira Glass videos, I took note of a few things. The first thing to talk about is that there isn’t a set structure like a topic sentence. There should be a good balance between a good story and some reflection. There should also be enough time given for both as well. Reflecting over a story has to make sense as if it doesn’t, then people might not understand it. Practice make perfect as one gets more use to something, then they start to learn what works and what doesn’t work. Remember not to give up when things get tough, everyone goes through that. If there is a guest on a show, then include interactions between you and the guest. When starting off, remember not to talk awkwardly or like someone on tv. They’ve had time to practice and know what it is important to enunciate on since they know most of the story already. I did take note that Glass’ videos were cut off at terrible points. It would have been betters if had been one fluid video or more space in between each gap of the video so that it doesn’t cut off right at the last word. If it’s all about a similar topic, it might have well been on the same video.

From the Jad Abumrad videos I noticed a few things as well. Experiment! You never know what you’ll like to do until you do it. If you find something interesting, might as well follow that lead to see where it goes. Sometimes to notice change, it takes time and looking back on it. Occasionally, when people hate you, it just means you’re heading in the right direction of where you should go. If you feel bad about something, then turn it into something good.

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