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Gif it!

I used this gif-maker to help me make these gifs out of these images and videos.

Txt-Gif, 2 stars

I no longer have the original four photos used in this gif, but any images can work for a tutorial. To upload multiple images for a gif, you’ll have a select all of them all of them at once. You may need to resize the images to fit them all together so that they may fit together more smoothly. I personally did not shift any of the automatic delay that the website provided. I then pressed the make a gif button.

The story behind this gif is actually pretty funny. Sometimes whenever I answer a question, I either confidently say yes or no, then say the other one, then say maybe, then I don’t know. I mostly made this as a meme between me and my friends because some of my friends started doing this too. Usually, only one of us did it when we did not want to openly admit an answer to a question or we didn’t know how to answer. That’s pretty much it.

Gif your sassy animal, 3 stars
The original video I used.

There’s some similar sets as the previous one. Upload, same as the previous one. The only thing I did was cut the video. To cut it, you have to input the time that you want to start your gif at and the time is the same for the end time. For example, for video, if you want to cut off the last 5 seconds, to mimic my video, you’ll need to start at 0 and end at 15.622 (for mine). Instead of doing 15.622 for the left number, and 20 for the second one. I don’t understand why it is the way but it just is.

One day, a cat demanded attention, as any cat does. It demands the best of scratches. The moment that you stop, it’ll look up to you with those demanding eyes that could kill. You have to apologize and continue scratching or else you might up perishing via laser beams. Once you resume, the cat’s gazes lowers as they relax to the touch. The world is once again safe for now. Who knows what would’ve happened if you didn’t continue to scratch. The best case, just your death, worst case, the end of the world!

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