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This is my first daily create. Since I finally figured how to embed tweets into a blog posts without giving me errors, I thought I should add it. But, one day in the far future, when animal testing starts making animal hybrids, flying pigs was the first scientists wanted to try. They wanted try because of the metaphor ‘for when pigs fly’ and make people who ever said that phase actually have to do what they said.

This day was create an art post based on a word. In this case, I did nebula and midnight. The tiefling’s name is Nebula and the bird’s name is Midnight. She happens to be a tiefling bard sorcerer with a raven familiar. Her design, along with her dress is something I’ve created a while ago. When I saw that I had to create a story based on them and I thought it was amusing. The reason that there is a flame ring around Midnight’s neck is because that is an impactful wound that had happened to her. When she was recreated, it was there. There is a second variation to this story if I wanted to do something different for those who do not do not understand dungeons and dragons. Nebula is a personification of a nebula with her companion midnight that is a bird, because Midnight is less than a Nebula. A ‘performance’ for the two of them is Nebula showing her stars to the planets while Midnight cover’s the sky in the darkness and burning away when daytime comes around.

Creating a present for someone that is exactly six months away from Christmas was actually pretty funny. My friend’s birthday actually happens to be on the twenty fifth. I made this card that represents some of the characters from my homebrew Pok√©mon dnd. I wanted to do something special for him since I didn’t know exactly what to give him. Each has a special meaning to the people who were at the party and pokemon that happen to be on the sketch.

An agent’s job is never truly done. They have to keep doing what they do best. I’m just here to do justice to those that have done wrong. Such as not using creative licensed artwork or making art specifically used for a tweet. I used the agent name generator to get my new name and I found an image under the creative license to fit it so I would have a proper calling card.

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