All 5 Design Assignments

A Wolf in sheeps clothing, 4 & half stars

When creating this assignment I knew I wanted to merge two sandwich places together. I ended up choosing Subway and Burger king. I took upon myself to do my own variation of it. I took the burger king’s colors and inserted into the subway logo in a way that was similar to the burger king’s logo. I figured that a disguised subway logo that’s partway between the two of them is still a ‘wolf’ in disguise because it could be either or (besides for the name of course).

Back to the basics, 3 stars

So with this little personal project of mine, I wanted to build a stable for some horses that were in the area. I spawned a few more for some variety of different horse styles. I knew I wanted some pens/stalls like in a real life stable. I wanted a slop rood to make it look more lively rather than a flat top. Having each stall separated by fences and oak logs looks really appeasing to me. I kept experimenting with some of the placement of things to make things look right in my eyes.

Motivational poster, 3 stars

There wasn’t much thought behind this motivational poster besides wanting to do it based on my own experience. When first creating this blog, I was failing horribly, it wasn’t until I started messing around to use it more, I felt more comfortable and ‘more successful’ (sorta) in blogging.

Ink, 3 and a half stars

This project was about designing a tattoo. When I was making this, I thought about what I want want to have as a tattoo. By no means am I professional tattoo artist nor ever been inside a tattoo parlor, I’ve only seen a few tattoos that other people have gotten. As my knowledge of tattoos is rather limited, I decided to go with something simplistic. The types of styles that seems to be in this image (after thinking about it) is color, balance, proportion, and rhythm. There is the metaphor of the devil and angel wings. That’s pretty much it behind the ideas of it.

Are we there yet? 3 stars

The original photo that I used was the second picture of the five frame story in the visual storytelling blog post. Now, the normal thing behind this assignment was to take an image and put into a different background. I wanted to do something slightly different. Instead, I wanted to take an image I already took, and make it seem like it was in a different world. With this one, I wanted to make this image appear to be a part of a nightmare world. Lights are darks, darks are lights, everything is taken to the extreme. To me, it almost as if the espeon is traveling into a portal or has already arrived into it.

Let me know if you have any questions or curious about anything, as you might want to know about something that I didn’t think to write.

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When you sped up the speed of the minecraft tutorial, I tried slowing it down to understand what you were saying, I’m here to say, it doesn’t work that way and it’s very strange sounding 😐

Yeah, I’m figured that might’ve happened. All I really did was ramble and talk about a story I wrote. I didn’t realize that youtube had a limit of 15 minutes for people who aren’t verified so I was a little disappointed by that.

So as I was new to storytelling to no audience, I stumbled over my fairytale story. It went a little something like this:

There was this young boy who worked on a farm. He had lived with some of his family. One day he went into town and saw that there was this beautiful woman making some type of speech. She wanted someone to take a key off her cat’s neck to win the right to marry her. He decided to join in as well. Every other man tried to capture the cat but he talked to the cat instead. Eventually the cat let him get the key and use it on the door to the woman’s house. The cat then transformed into the woman.

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