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Gif it!

I used this gif-maker to help me make these gifs out of these images and videos. I no longer have the original four photos used in this gif, but any images can work for a tutorial. To upload multiple images for a gif, you’ll have a select all of them all of them at once. […]


All 5 Design Assignments

When creating this assignment I knew I wanted to merge two sandwich places together. I ended up choosing Subway and Burger king. I took upon myself to do my own variation of it. I took the burger king’s colors and inserted into the subway logo in a way that was similar to the burger king’s […]

Digital Storytelling Thoughts & Ideas

Thoughts on Canon

I think that it is really interesting that Massimo Vignelli managed to create the Subway map. Creating a logo for the American Airlines is also pretty cool. Both of these interested me because these are things that most people see frequently if they use it often. Everything else didn’t really impact me one way or […]

Digital Storytelling Summaries

First week of learning

I feel like I have done decently well as I’ve slowly started to learn more and more about these. I am still trying to figure out on how to manage the widgets and menus along with figuring out the differences between the pages and a post. The nice thing is that I’m getting more comfortable […]

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Daily Art Practice

This is my first daily create. Since I finally figured how to embed tweets into a blog posts without giving me errors, I thought I should add it. But, one day in the far future, when animal testing starts making animal hybrids, flying pigs was the first scientists wanted to try. They wanted try because […]

Assignments Digital Storytelling Thoughts & Ideas Visual

Lightning Photos

Where to begin… well the reason why I choose to take these particular photos instead of doing something out on my street was because my friend and I thought of doing a get together for a little while now. It was only until this week that we managed to make that plan a reality. When […]

Assignments Digital Storytelling Visual

Visual Storytelling

For those who are curious on how I made the last photo. I used krita. The three things I used was. Filter, adjust, desaturate. Filter, artistic, pixilate. Filter, enhance, unshapen mask. I don’t remember the specific numbers I used, but here are a few screenshots that should be able to help. If you are curious […]

Digital Storytelling

Using New Technology

When I first learned how to set up my domain was last semester, which I learned the basics of how to do coding and the like for it. With this class, I am actually learning and figuring out how to do a blog. I must admit, I stumbled over quite a bit for the first […]

Digital Storytelling

About me

Welcome to my blog! This may be my first post, but I hope to make more posts in the future. If you want to learn more about me, I also have a YouTube channel, a twitter, Flickr, and SoundCloud. If I don’t post an update here, then check one of those. As I’m still relatively […]